Pidgin otr android

Connect to aim, google talk, icq, irc, xmpp, and more chat networks.

Sep 27,  · thanks for being a part of the chatsecure android chatsecure is a free and open source messaging app that features otr zom, pidgin, and more. Download the source code for the free pidgin universal chat client. An xmpp client for android and ios; otr plugin for pidgin * otr plugin for miranda;.

Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client used by millions. Oct 05,  · - otr encryption - tls support gajim, gtalk, ichat, miranda, pidgin, psi, qip, xabber, xabber classic is available for old android devices.

This is a plugin for pidgin 2.x which implements off-the-record messaging over any im network pidgin supports. Off-the-record messaging (otr) a pidgin and kopete plugin exists that allows otr to be used over any im protocol supported by pidgin introduced in an android. Gajim (cross-platform) with otr plugin for pidgin; poezio with pure-python-otr; salut à toi with.

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