Unhandled nc platform error 15 wildstar

Unhandled nc platform error 15 - posted in bug reports: can you fix the account management part so i can disable this?

Wildstar has relaunched as wildstar: it’s giving an “unhandled nc platform error 15” message. Unhandled nc platform error trending; hot; popular; summary: right click wildstar, go to properties, change compatibility mode to windows 7 (or xp 3).

Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. May 31,  · did you ever get the "unhandled nc platform error 15" message? Unhandled nc platform error 15 wildstar - related results - related information & video.

"nc platform error (a02f00c8)" let it download a bit, then copy the wildstar patch folder from the steam directory, 15 30 wildstar >. We have found that if you are receiving error 15 when attempting to log into the game client, it can be attributed to having the. Clearly wildstar has a different playerbase in mind, and i .

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