Jcontainers skyrim

When i extracted the mod file i got a single folder named "data" instead of merging the folder with the skyrim. Skse team - it would be impossible to imagine skyrim - it's up to you to report to a user of incompatibility of installed jcontainers api version and the. Jcontainers data structures framework for skyrim motivation and overview papyrus is an overly simplified language, a language without convenient data structures. Extract the jcontainer folder and then drag the data folder into your skyrim folder. Arod's storage solutions will forever improve your skyrim experience.

Containers are interactive objects that can contain items, or be used to store items in the game.

There are a variety of different containers in skyrim, most of which.

It works on any chest, barrel, pouch, sack or other container. Jcontainers the main goal of the project is to extend papyrus with json-based data structures (arrays and maps). Jan 02,  · page 1 of 21 - jcontainers - posted in downloads - skyrim non adult mods: file name: jcontainersfile submitter: earenfile submitted: 02 jan file.

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